We at CASI Payroll Plus believe that it is important for us to tailor our services to best meet your needs. Therefore, we offer three levels of service: Direct Access Payroll, Full Service Payroll, and After the Fact Payroll Reporting.

Direct Access Payroll provides our clients with more control of their payroll by giving them direct access to their employee database, printing reports, and enter payroll hours for each payroll. CASI Payroll Plus will complete your payroll and submit your taxes, then upload to our secure file exchange for your accessibility.

Full Service Payroll provides complete payroll services from start to finish. We maintain all employee data files. You just enter your payroll data on our excel spreadsheet, that has been personalized to your payroll needs and we will take care of the rest. Completed payrolls will be uploaded to our secure file exchange for your accessibility.

After the Fact Payroll allows your company to maintain full control of in house payroll and tax submissions. CASI Payroll Plus will prepare the necessary quarterly and annual compliance filings. Completed quarterly and annual returns will be uploaded to our secure file exchange for your accessibility.

Both Direct Access and Full Service Payrolls include quarterly and annual reporting.


ServiceDirect Access PayrollFull Service PayrollAfter the Fact Payroll
Client access to their employee database, with the ability to make changes to employee personal, W-4, payroll items, accruable benefits, taxes and direct deposit information

CASI Payroll Plus maintains client’s employee databaseX
Client input of payroll data with each payrollX
CASI Payroll Plus input of payroll data with each payrollX
Direct deposit paystubs and/or live paychecksXX
Processing of federal, state(s), and local municipality payroll liabilitiesXX
Processing of direct depositsXX
Standard reports and customized reportsXX
Client access to reportsX
Delivery of live paychecks, paystubs, and reports by our secure file exchange or package delivery (for delivery of live checks)XX
Access to our secure file exchangeXXX
Employee access to their own paystubs & W-2’s via the CASI Payroll Plus website, www.casipayrollplus.com *XX
Quarterly & Annual reporting
1. Preparation and processing of federal, state and local
municipality reports & liabilities. This includes 940, 941,
PA Unemployment, PA withholding, additional state,
local withholding, & local services tax reporting.
2. 940 Employer’s Annual Federal Unemployment (FUTA)
Tax Report processing.
3. Forms W-2 processing with automatic electronic filling
or printed for client mailing/distribution.
4. Client receives copies of reports & payment confirmations.

* Additional charges may apply.

Additional Support Services by our friendly staff available for Direct Access and Full Service:
• 401(k)/retirement plan reporting
• Domestic relations payment processing
• New hire reporting
• Workers Compensation audit wage reporting
• Preparation of Forms 1099



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