IT Support/Help Desk Services

Our IT support and help desk services allow you to hire our IT professionals on an hourly basis rather than putting IT staff on your payroll or paying an IT provider a set monthly fee. Many IT service providers operate under the “managed services” model. Under this model, a client pays a set monthly fee in order to have their IT needs addressed. We have found that most IT providers get comfortable collecting a monthly fee and, consequently, the service starts to suffer because they don’t have to continually earn your business. Our professionals want to continually earn your business because of the referral model we operate under as you will read about later. Plus, you only pay for the IT service you need – not overpay for service you don’t use.When something goes wrong, you want answers – quick. Having worked with various versions of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows and many other popular business applications, our professionals can find a solution to most problems very quickly, thus saving you time and money. In most cases, our IT professionals can be looking at your issue in less than a minute through the use of secure remote access technology rather than waiting for a technician to show up at your door.

IT Consulting
You want your business to grow but you don’t want to have your technology limit your growth. When you sit down to discuss your goals with our IT professionals, they will craft a solution that not only fits your current needs but also the needs for your future growth.  Your needs are addressed upfront, the first time.  There’s no need to pay for upgrades every couple of years due to poor planning.  The result is you save time and money and don’t even think about the next upgrade.

We can consult on a wide range of technologies whether it be choosing which hardware and software to purchase for your business, installing a server with remote capabilities for you and your employees or a cloud solution on which to run your business. We can guide you through the maze of technologies to help you get the solution that is right for your business and budget.

Data Security/IT Audits
Data breaches. You hear about them in the media on a weekly basis.  How do you keep your proprietary data safe from hackers?  The answer usually lies with your desktop computers.  Users are the largest culprit for data breaches because they unknowingly go to websites which contain malware and other programs which can “leak” data to hackers.  Through the use of layered technologies, such as firewalls, anti-malware and anti-virus software, other technologies and user education, the chance for data breaches can be drastically reduced.  Our IT professionals can take care the configuration, education and occasional adjustments needed to keep things running optimally.

If you’re not sure if things are running as well as they should be, our IT professionals can perform an IT audit to identify weaknesses in performance, holes in your security, and even identify if the proper controls are in place to help insure the integrity and reliability of your data. Once the audit has been performed, you will receive a report outlining the issues discovered and a recommendation on how to correct the issues.

Email/Spam Solutions
Email has been the main form of business communication for years.   We read it on our desktop PCs and mobile devices.  We can get to it from virtually anywhere at any time.   Does your current email system handle all of your needs?  Do you need calendar scheduling?  Do you want to share certain business contacts through a company-wide address book so everyone has access to the same contacts?  Do you have the right spam filter to weed out all the inappropriate emails?  Our IT professionals can help choose the system that is right for your needs.

Mobile Integration with your business
Mobile computing has become an extension of our office environment. We can receive email on our smartphones.  We can connect back to the office using our iPads.  We can allow certain employees to enjoy remote access from the comfort of their own home if needed.  The flexibility is almost limitless – but how does it all get configured?  And how do I get the proper security in place so I don’t get hacked?  Our IT professionals can make recommendations on the proper mobile devices, configure it with the proper security and provide training to you and your employees on how to use it.  Nothing could be easier!

Cloud Computing
“Moving your business to the cloud.” You hear that phrase constantly. You hear companies are doing it.  Should I move my business to the cloud?  What does it mean to move to the cloud?  Is it the right move for my business?  The answer is, it depends.

Cloud computing has made certain aspects of everyday office computing cheaper and easier. You pay a monthly subscription and computing becomes something like electricity – it’s a utility that’s always on and supplied to you from somewhere outside your four walls. But will it work in your business?  Would you be better off with some or even none of your business in the cloud?  Our IT professionals will discuss your needs and goals to determine if this technology is a good fit for your business.

Most importantly client education…
When you experience a problem in your business, don’t you want to know what caused the problem and how to prevent it from happening again? Many IT service providers like to come in, fix a problem and leave without so much as an explanation as to what happened and why.  Many times this is done to protect their revenue stream.  If they show you how to fix it yourself, you won’t need them as much and they can’t bill you as much.

Our IT professionals will take the time to explain what the caused the problem in non-technical terms, educate you about the issue and even show you and your employees how to prevent it from happening again. The result is more productive time for you and your employees and lower future IT costs.  Some people question why we operate under this model.  It comes down to one word – satisfaction.  Our clients are more satisfied with the end result and are more likely to refer us to their colleagues.  We prefer to grow based on a model of client satisfaction and referrals rather than our competitions’– because under our model everybody wins!

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