Standard Payroll Services:

  • Paychecks and/or direct deposit with paystubs saved to our portal for timely review/use
  • Selection of standard management reports, including check register, payroll details, payroll totals, deposit requirements, retirement plan details, deductions, and leave journal entries
  • Processing of federal, state, and local municipality payroll liabilities*
  • Employees login to their own section of our portal for copies of their paystubs and W-2s to save you administrative time

* We can process any of the 50 states and multiple municipalities

Quarterly Reporting:

  • Preparation and processing of federal, state, and local municipality reports and liabilities. This includes 940, 941, PA Unemployment, PA withholding, additional states, local withholding, and Local Services Tax reporting
  • Copies of reports and payment confirmation to clients

Annual Reporting:

  • 940 Employer’s Annual Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax report processing
  • W-2 processing with electronic filing or hard copies for client mailing

Customized Payroll Services:

  • CASI works with management in customizing payroll reports and services that meet the specific requirements of your company, from job/department costing to performance review tracking
  • CASI software is compatible with multiple time management systems. Employees can enter time through a time clock, computer program, or mobile app. Upon client approval of time entered, the information will be uploaded into the CASI payroll software
  • CASI also offers various methods of recording employee time such as emailing, faxing, or entering time into a customized excel spreadsheet
  • Clients are granted access to a secure portal to upload and download all payroll information

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